The guaranteed network of spots in nature

An alternative and sustainable solution
for parking campervans and motorhomes

I find the geoSpots on the park4night app !
I have the address, let's go !
Wow an amazing spot in the heart of nature !
GeoCode found !
I will enter it into the app to notify others.
All good things come to an end.
A big thank you to the geoHost !

This seems like a new concept ?

We will tell you all the details and special features !

Let's go to
find the GEOSPOTS

Nature lovers travelling in campervans and motorhomes can now discover secluded parking areas provided by owners with available sites in exchange for an optional financial contribution. On arrival travellers register using a code and can enjoy a prime location for up to 2 nights.

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Who can become

Do you have land available? Like many landowners, perhaps you have unused m² that could be offered to tourists? Thanks to the geoSpot network, you can reference these natural sites and make them available to travellers in campervans and motorhomes for a night or two! Simply place a collection box to receive contributions given as a thank you and generate an additional income

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